Recreational things to do in Arizona


Arizona is a great place to visit, whether you decide to spend your vacation here or travel for the spring training. Now for the spring training there are people who live in Arizona or just a couple of miles away, but some other people, big fans of the Cactus League games too, will travel to see their favorite players on the field.

No matter the reason, here are some great recreational things to do in Arizona you should put on your visiting list.

Admire the beauty of the landscapes

Arizona has the most beautiful stony landscapes in the United States. The Grand Canyon is by far one of the most popular attraction in Arizona. This is a natural wonder shaped by the Colorado River many many years ago. Visitors can do hiking and fly over the Canyon for amazing views.

Visit the Phoenix Zoo

There are over 1000 animals in the zoo, being highly appreciated and visited by many tourists. There are certain events held at the zoo, for example the Winter in July event which cools the heat and its visitors with real snow and ice-cold treats. ZooLights is an event held at the zoo from November through January featuring over 500 light sculptures plus two Music in Motion shows.

Treat yourself with a day at the SPA

There are many spas in Arizona that visitors can consider when looking for a day just for themselves. Agave, The Arizona Spa at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa has over 20 treatment rooms where visitors will be treated with the best agave massages, paraffin wraps, and other treatments. The spa has a relaxation area, refreshments, fitness center, and the rates start at $125.

Heard Museum in Phoenix

The Heard Museum features many artists and their crafts in a two day Indian Fair & Market in March. Tourists find there beautiful crafts, from jewelry, making, pottery, to sculpture to admire and to buy, of course.

Stop by at Jerome, the ghost town

Jerome was a mining town very long time ago, and now it’s one of the main attractions in Arizona. The ghost town features restored buildings and ruins from many years ago. There are hotels where visitors can stay overnight, restaurants along the main street and shops for souvenirs. The ghost town offers beautiful views over Arizona combined with the mystery of the local stories for a unique experience.

Visit the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Hiking and driving are good ways to see the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. It is spread over a huge area, from the South of Arizona to the Mexican border. Here tourists see a wide variety of cactus species and the organ pipe cactus which can grow over 20 ft tall.

Hall of Flame Fire Fighting Museum

This museum is very special because it commemorates the firefighters who died due to their profession. Here are exposed many fire trucks that were used throughout history, as well as other firefighting objects used through the years in the world, and in America.

Get scientific at the Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center aims to educate people who visit, through science. The Center can be found in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, in the Heritage and Science Park. Beside the permanent exhibits the Center provides the visitors with educational shows and science activities.

Admire only the Pumpkin Spring Pool

Just try to enjoy the beauty of this attraction and not more because this giant, overflowing pumpkin contains the most poisonous water in the Canyon. The Pumpkin Spring is one of the most beautiful stops along the Canyon River. This filled halloween pumpkin looking natural wonder contains many poisonous metals and also high levels of arsenic. Therefore, most importantly is to acknowledge that it’s strictly prohibited to drink, touch or bathe in it.

Swim in the Havasupai Falls

While earlier we mentioned the devilish poisonous Pumpkin Spring Pool, the Havasupai Falls are heavenly friendly to the visitors. Being one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Havasupai Falls is a very popular tourist attraction near the Canyon. Here visitors can relax, enjoy the sun and the sound of the Falls, and even swim in the blue-green water. The place has many secrets to be discovered, along with a rocky shelter behind the falls. Will you be able to find it?